Starting a Bathroom Remodel


Starting a Bathroom Remodel

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Alright, you made the decision, you’re going to follow through with the bathroom remodel you’ve been wanting to do for years, congrats! Although a bathroom remodel is a long and tedious process, the hard part is over now because we are here to help. Once you’ve made that decision to go for it, it can […]


Bathroom Organization Tips

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The warm weather is fast approaching, and spring is upon us, which for some of you may mean your annual spring clean out project. Instead of only cleaning out your attic or basement, take a look at your bathrooms as well. Bathrooms are a room in the house that you don’t often associate with gathering […]


How to Warm up Your Bathroom this Winter

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New England winters can get rough, the days are short and the temperature drops. Now, we’re really getting into the thick of the winter months. The cold weather has only just begun. Getting out of your warm, cozy bed, and going into the bathroom is one of the worst parts of the day in the […]


Shower Remodel Tips

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Full bathroom remodels are a big commitment, they require both time and money. If you’re thinking of a bathroom remodel but can’t afford the whole package, you can start with a shower remodel. Remodeling your shower is an effective way to update a bathroom. Showers are the focal point of bathrooms and a clean, new […]


Picking the Perfect Sink for a Small Bathroom

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It can seem almost impossible to fit a shower, sink, and toilet into a small bathroom, or even just a sink and toilet into a half bath. While shower and toilet designs and sizes remain fairly constant, there are many different sink and vanity models that can be used to optimize space in a small […]


Choosing the Right Showerhead

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Choosing the right shower head is mostly about personal preference. It all depends on what each person likes or dislikes when taking a shower. As is the case with everything, there are about a million different types of showerheads out there, of course, they all perform the same function, but there can be many different […]


New Bathroom Trend Alert: Doorless Shower Designs

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While clawfoot tubs and soak-in tubs have been increasingly popular in recent years, another low-key bathroom trend that has been sneaking up on us are doorless showers. What Exactly is a Doorless Shower? Also known as a Roman shower, these showers do not require a door or curtain. These act as a multi-functional space as […]


Creating a Vintage Inspired Bathroom

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More and more homeowners are straying away from modern bathrooms and venturing toward a vintage style. Using hexagon floor tiles, cast-iron clawfoot tubs and cross-handle faucets, creating a vintage bathroom is easier than you may think. Invest in Classic Fixtures There are plenty of fixtures on the market that work as wonderful components to your […]


7 of the Best Color Schemes of 2017

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One of the most exciting parts of designing the bathroom is choosing the color scheme. This is also one of the more easier tasks as you can explore a wide variety of colors and browse through color swatches at any time. Deep Greens & Wood Accents Hues such as hunter, olive, forest and emerald look […]


Bathroom Shelving Ideas

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Finding plenty of storage space for your bathroom can seem like a difficult process even if you have a large, luxurious bathroom. Consider all the toiletries you own such as makeup, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners and more. Finding ample storage space for these items while maintaining a clean  bathroom is actually more challenging than you […]