Creating a Vintage Inspired Bathroom

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More and more homeowners are straying away from modern bathrooms and venturing toward a vintage style. Using hexagon floor tiles, cast-iron clawfoot tubs and cross-handle faucets, creating a vintage bathroom is easier than you may think.

Invest in Classic Fixtures

There are plenty of fixtures on the market that work as wonderful components to your vintage bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a Kohler showerhead or a product from California Faucet, The Bath Showcase has you covered.  You can purchase brand new bathroom hardware that looks vintage. Remember an exposed showerhead and pipe are also quick ways to create a vintage bathroom.

Timeless Vintage Tiles

Purchasing hexagon tiles is one of the core components you’ll find in a vintage style bathroom. Back in the 1920s, a majority of bathroom floors had 1-inch hexagonal tiles and we’ve seen this trend continue well into the 1960s. In recent years, more homes have been installing hexagonal tiles into their bathrooms – specifically black and white.

Pedestal Sink

While floating vanities are very appealing to those seeking a more modern bathroom, pedestal sinks are perfect for vintage bathrooms. There’s plenty of pedestal sinks on the market today and if you have a smaller bathroom, then these types of sinks are perfect for you. Pedestal sinks don’t take up a significant amount of space, allowing you to showcase your beautiful vintage tile.

Include A Lot of Mirrors

Mirrors create a wonderful illusion that your bathroom is much larger than it is. Adding decorated, carved frames around the mirror can really add a vintage charm. During the Victorian era, mirrors always had detailed, intricate frames that made the bathroom look elegant.

Add Antiques to Your Bathroom

Once you’re done with the vintage bathroom renovation, it’s time for the finishing touches. Repurposing an old step ladder, chair or towel holder can add a whole lot of old world charm to any bathroom. Old tea cups and flower pots are one of the major components to creating a dazzling and quite unique vintage bathroom.