How to Warm up Your Bathroom this Winter

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New England winters can get rough, the days are short and the temperature drops. Now, we’re really getting into the thick of the winter months. The cold weather has only just begun. Getting out of your warm, cozy bed, and going into the bathroom is one of the worst parts of the day in the cold winter months. Bathrooms are cold and dreary and can feel like the arctic tundra! Waking up in the middle of the night and stepping on cold bathroom tile… brrr! Here are some tips to warm up your bathroom this winter.

Cozy Rug or Bath Mat

The easiest place to start is the floor, when your feet hit that cold bathroom floor it can come as quite the shock. An easy fix for that is a warm, fuzzy bath mat or rug. You can cover the cold bathroom floor with warm rugs, and your toes will thank you. You will step on warm, plush rug now instead of freezing, hard floor.

Heated Floor

If you want to take it one step further, you can even upgrade to a heated floor. This is a big investment when it comes to your bathroom, but it pays off. Especially in the winter, just turn on the heated floor and never experience a cold step in your bathroom again!

Towel Heaters

Heated towel bars or racks can be created specifically for your bathroom and can be personalized for your bathroom’s design. While you are in the shower, the rack will keep your towel nice and warm and when you get out of the shower, wrap yourself in the heaven that is a warm towel. Don’t let the cold air hit you like a truck, wrap yourself in a toasty towel before it has the chance.

Heat Lamps

Many bathrooms come equipped with heat lamps, they are also fairly easy to install and relatively cheap. Heat lamps can be set on a timer, so they can be turned on and off during set times. These are useful when getting in or out of the shower because they emit high levels of heat and can raise the temperature of the room for a set amount of time!

If you’re sick of thinking you’re in the North Pole every time you walk into your own bathroom, keep these tips in mind to help warm up your bathroom space. If you need more suggestions or tips to warm up your bathroom, contact the experts at The Bath Showcase!