Choosing the Right Showerhead

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Choosing the right shower head is mostly about personal preference. It all depends on what each person likes or dislikes when taking a shower. As is the case with everything, there are about a million different types of showerheads out there, of course, they all perform the same function, but there can be many different variables between each showerhead. There are a couple standard things everyone should consider when thinking of installing a new showerhead.

Water Pressure

For many, water pressure can be a make or break for showerheads. Each showerhead has a different pressure setting, some are stronger some are weaker. Showerheads each have fluctuating pressure settings, so it is a matter of preference when deciding which pressure level is preferred.

If pressure continues to be too low it can be an issue with piping, whether it be a leak or clog, and you should contact plumbing professionals to address the pressure issue immediately.

Water Volume

Most shower heads come with multiple settings to adjust for volume. Some people prefer thinner streams while others prefer wide volumes of water. Again, it all depends on preference. A larger volume may mean a larger shower head, which can also affect the pressure of the water.

Mounting Preference

The Standard, wall mounted, angled showerhead is still the norm, but we are seeing a growing number of both hanging vertical shower heads, as well and wall paneled showers. The choice between these different mounting positions also has to do with the design and area of your shower. Different designs can add a creative aspect to your shower and is something to consider when installing a new showerhead.

Hose Attachment

The hose attachment on shower heads is a growing trend. The hose is detachable and usually has varying volume and pressure settings. It allows for easier cleaning and increased mobility. This feature on shower heads is very popular but some people may like the old fashion shower head better.


Again, these different features and shower head combinations are all based on personal preference. There is a shower head out there for everyone though, we promise. Visit our showroom to see if we have what you’re looking for, or contact our professionals with any questions you may have!