Shower Remodel Tips

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Full bathroom remodels are a big commitment, they require both time and money. If you’re thinking of a bathroom remodel but can’t afford the whole package, you can start with a shower remodel. Remodeling your shower is an effective way to update a bathroom. Showers are the focal point of bathrooms and a clean, new shower can give the entire bathroom a stylish new feel and radiant shine!


Depending on your design and goals for your new shower, shower remodels can be done relatively cheap. Again, much cheaper than a full bathroom remodel. First, you must decide if you are looking for a shower replacement or a complete remodel because this will obviously affect the budgeting. You may realize that all you need is a simple refinishing. Work with your local bathroom remodeling professionals to browse designs and figure out which shower plan works for you. They can also help with the budgeting process and give you project estimates.

Salvage Plumbing

Unless it is absolutely necessary to change the layout of the plumbing and piping connected to the shower, try to keep the old plumbing system. Assuming there are no issues with the system itself. You can create a new shower design that works with the old plumbing. If you must change the plumbing, that is a more expensive process, so keeping the current plumbing can cut costs dramatically.

Know Shower Trends

Shower trends, styles, and ideas are ever changing. It can be tough to keep up with them, but do research and again, talk with local professionals for more ideas. It is your shower, so choose the design you love!

A new or updated shower helps bring your bathroom together and gives it a more modern feel. It is a great alternative to a full bathroom remodel because it is not as large of a commitment. Contact The Bath Showcases today or visit our showroom for shower remodel ideas and tips!