Selecting the Right Bathtub


Selecting the Right Bathtub

There are a plenty of bathtub choices on the market right now, many of which look absolutely breathtaking.  You may want a large whirlpool or massage tub.  Or, you may opt of something simpler. There’s nothing more refreshing than grabbing a good book and soaking in a warm bubble bath! Clawfoot Tubs Clawfoot tubs add […]


Bathroom Tile Trends to Look Out For

Tile flooring may not seem like a deal breaker but they can actually make your bathroom appear absolutely gorgeous instead of dull and lifeless. There are plenty of options on the market, from vintage black and white tile flooring to wood or marble looking heated floors. Patterned Tiles: “Plain and lifeless” tile flooring can sometimes […]


The Best Faucets for Your Bathroom

Choosing a bathroom faucet is actually a lot more complex than you may think due to the countless options on the market. You need to think about who will be using this faucet – do you want something motion activated? Will children be using this?   Single-Lever Faucet Single-lever faucets work well in almost every […]


Bathroom Trends We Can Expect to See This Year

If you’re planning on updating your bathroom soon, make sure you are considering every single detail. This means you need to think about your budget, save a little extra for unexpected repairs and coordinate your cabinetry with your countertops, flooring and backsplashes. Designing a bathroom that is both functional and timeless can be a major […]


Which Bathroom Trends Are Worth It?

You’ve probably noticed bathroom trends changing over the years and if you’re ready to get your remodel started, sit down and think about what you’re looking for in a bathroom remodel. When it comes to redesigning your bathroom, you don’t want to fall prey to bathroom trends that are going to be gone shortly. Whirlpool […]


Advantages of a Floating Vanity

While floating vanities have become increasingly popular in bathrooms, it’s still rare to see one in the home. Not only do floating vanities create a more modern appearance but they are extremely attention-grabbing. One of the major advantages of floating vanities is that they create a larger opening in the bathroom so it’s less compact. […]


What to Avoid When Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating the bathroom can be a lengthy yet exciting process. When you budget correctly and have a plan in place, the renovation process goes seamlessly. However, if you haven’t done much planning, you could end up with more costly repairs. Not Installing a Bathroom Fan Forgetting to install a bathroom fan is a huge issue. […]


Learn All About Floating Vanities

Recently, floating vanities have increased in popularity as their hard, sleek edges create a beautiful minimalistic feel. By having open space underneath the floating vanity, the visual clutter is cut down. For those of you with a smaller bathroom, you can make the room appear much larger. Customizability Floating vanities are customizable since they are […]


Selecting the Best Material for Your Bathroom Floor

There are countless options when it comes to your bathroom floors but it can seem nearly impossible when trying to choose. You’ll want to consider which material is durable and how resistant it is to moisture or mold. Vinyl Flooring Vinyl is perfect for those on a tight budget. Not only is it easy to […]


Best Technology to Improve Your Bathroom

According to a new real estate study, 77% of homebuyers are searching for property with “smart” innovations. A majority of the tech gadgets belong to smart home automation systems – this means technology that lets us control lights, security and temperature. The bathroom has now become a popular room to include technology in. Revolutionary New […]