Bathroom Design Trends for Fall 2018 – Part 1

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Refreshing a bathroom or bathroom remodeling does not always mean a total overhaul: it could be as simple and quick as swapping out bathroom faucets or bathroom fixtures, wallpapering, bath vanities or adding drapes. You can also change shower fixtures or bathroom sinks to achieve your objective.

A bathroom is not just a place where you wash yourself off; rather, they are more like personal sanctuaries where you can relieve stress and relax every once in a while. The following bathroom trends for 2018 will turn your bathroom space into a chic and efficient retreat.

Bathrooms are Getting Compact and Efficient

The 2018 interior design trend for bathrooms is geared toward compact bathrooms that focus on small-scale luxury and efficiency. You can feel comfortable and relaxed, and not cramped, in your small bathroom by efficiently using the available space. The trick is to make the most of every inch. We think that freestanding single-person tubs will start to gain more and more popularity. Similarly, artfully designed and compact toilets coupled with uniquely designed and small sink bowls will also resurface in the modern bathroom.

High-Tech Toilets

High-tech toilets have been popular in Japan for a long time. Now homeowners in other countries are starting to jump on the high-tech toilet bandwagon. The high-tech toilets in 2018 will feature cool things such as automatic lid openers, seat warmers, slow close features, built-in deodorizers, and adjustable air dryers, among others. And you may not have seen this one coming: a wireless music player which turns on automatically when you open the lid. Now that is high tech!

Lighting Schemes for Bath Vanities

Your bathroom vanity area is a combination of a countertop, cabinet, faucet, and other hardware. It also includes lighting and mirrors. We cannot over-emphasize the importance of these two items to the function of a bathroom.

You can make a considerable difference if you use lighting strategically in your bathroom. This will ensure that not only your bathroom shines well and brightly, but so do you.  In order to highlight and accentuate this extremely functional space, a lot of homeowners are leveraging creative and beautiful lighting fixtures, techniques, and dimmers in order to create a space where they can unwind after a long day.

You can use several lighting styles for your vanity areas such as wall sconces and light bars, but do not overlook small pendants as they can add a lot of panache and flair to your space.

New Tile Shapes

We have witnessed how tile manufacturers have used technology to experiment with different tile designs. That being said, now these manufacturers are taking a bolder step by changing the conventional tile shape.

People are no longer satisfied with just a subway tile or a big format tile on their wall. As they have plenty of new tile shapes they can choose from. So, expect to see new and improved shapes such as arabesque, hexagon, diamond, and Moroccan fish scales in new textures and colors.

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