New Bathroom Trend Alert: Doorless Shower Designs

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While clawfoot tubs and soak-in tubs have been increasingly popular in recent years, another low-key bathroom trend that has been sneaking up on us are doorless showers.

What Exactly is a Doorless Shower?

Also known as a Roman shower, these showers do not require a door or curtain. These act as a multi-functional space as they can be used as a shower by night or a walkway by day. Doorless showers create an open feel, which many homeowners can appreciate. You’ve probably noticed open concepts in kitchen/living room spaces so why not continue this into the bathroom?

Key Benefits of a Doorless Shower

Guests will most likely perceive your bathroom as being much larger than it actually is. Since the shower is not closed off, square footage is visually added. Additionally, you won’t have to compromise the aesthetic flow of a bathroom because the entryway will be entirely open.

Water spots, streaks and residue can quickly make your bathroom look as if it has never been cleaned. Build-up occurs too frequently on both shower curtains and glass shower doors.

If you’re looking for a luxury bathroom that makes you feel like you’re enjoying a day at the spa, invest in a doorless shower. This provides a modern feel that creates the appearance of a high-end bathroom. It truly feels like the entire space is a spa, and that’s a remarkable feeling especially after a long day at work or an intense gym session.

Disadvantages of a Doorless Shower

At The Bath Showcase, we are all about being open and honest with our clients. This means, being realistic about the products they’re purchasing as well as which design works best for them. So, without further ado, we’ll discuss some of the disadvantages to doorless showers.

  • Limited privacy – one person can use the bathroom at a time, unless you’re very comfortable with one another.
  • Water splashes – there is some potential for water to splash in the bathroom.
  • Cold – you may want to consider a heat lamp or a heated floor. Since there is so much moving air through the doorless entryway, there’s a very high chance that the room will be rather chilly.

Be Strategic

Since there are some disadvantages to having a doorless shower, you want to make sure you’re being strategic and have everything planned out. A rain-mount showerhead pushes the water straight down so you won’t need to worry about water getting everywhere. You’ll also want to invest in non-skid flooring and create a half-wall to protect the room from excessive splashing. One of the major tasks that we cannot stress enough is to slope the shower floor toward the drain.