Starting a Bathroom Remodel

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Alright, you made the decision, you’re going to follow through with the bathroom remodel you’ve been wanting to do for years, congrats! Although a bathroom remodel is a long and tedious process, the hard part is over now because we are here to help. Once you’ve made that decision to go for it, it can be a little overwhelming and you may be confused on where exactly you should start but don’t worry, because like we said, we’re here to help!

Know What You Want

Before you begin a bathroom remodel, first decide what you do not like about your current bathroom. Is it simply outdated, or is there some other issue you have with it? Knowing what you dislike about your current bathroom can begin to give you a better idea of what you want out of your new bathroom. Once you know what you want, or at least have a better idea, you can then visit a bath showroom and speak to a professional. From there you can explain the vision you have for your bathroom, and the bathroom experts can run through designs, colors, appliances, etc. with you. Do not rush through this process because you want to ensure that you will love your new bathroom for years to come and want to avoid any sort of buyer’s remorse.


Of course, when taking on any sort of home remodeling project, you should have a general idea of your budget and how much you are willing to spend on that project. Before visiting a showroom or speaking to a professional, understand how much money can be allocated to your bathroom remodel. Maybe you need to visit the showroom to get an idea of the pricing but either way, it is important to have a project budget set, and you can choose a design that will fall within your range.


Many people forget about the time aspect of bathroom remodels. These are large projects and will not be completed overnight. Depending on the size of the project and your schedule, these projects can range in time. Keep in mind too, that the bathroom being remodeled will be out of use during the project.

If you are thinking of a bathroom remodel project, or have decided to go through with one, contact the Bath Showcases today, or visit our showroom! We will be happy to help get your remodeling project underway!