How To Make The Most Of Your Small Kitchen

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For a kitchen to run smoothly, each component in a compact kitchen must be planned perfectly. The kitchen appliances need a thought out layout to work cohesively to overcome the limitations of cooking in a confined space. Designing a small kitchen can often take longer than planning regular size kitchens. At The Bathshowcase, we come up with ways to help you learn how to squeeze every inch out of your cooking space.


Use drawers, not doors. 

To maximize usability, switch your cabinets to drawers. Installing drawers allow easy access to all your items, unlike cupboards, which create cluttered cooking spaces as things pile up while on their bulging shelves. Rows of drawers add a chic organization even if their inside contents are not.


Prioritize Positioning.

If your kitchen has a U-shaped design, consider extra-slim cabinets or drawers to allow optimum positioning of your most important appliances. The typical kitchen layout is based on work zones that will enable particular activities to take place simultaneously, or with multiple people at once, without tripping over one other. This may include food preparation, clean up, dining, and lounging. Workflow is critical for the smooth functioning of the kitchen. In most kitchens, they include coffee machines, slow cookers, toasters, stand mixers, and more. To maximize space in small kitchens, make sure these small appliances have a dedicated home or easily accessible storage. Create a pop-up shelf for storing appliances and place appliances that you don’t use daily elsewhere. Make sure your appliances and kitchen layout work together to create a well-functioning space.


Squeeze in storage.

Adding hidden storage can create more spaces for all your appliances. Try adding a built-in bench seat in your small kitchen makes sense because it can hug the corner of the room. The recess beneath the bench is perfect for oversized pans or dry goods, so be sure to utilize this secret storage.

Color it Big 

The color of walls, appliances, counters, stools, and even the dishtowels can change the atmosphere and size of the kitchen. Coloring the walls and the rooms with pastels or light colors, with small doses of white, making the room seem bigger. Bold colorations can be very effective in smaller sized kitchens. 


Whether you have a galley in a high rise or a small space in the suburbs, our decorating ideas will help you open up your kitchen to be a more inviting space. If you are looking to enhance your small kitchen or looking for a whole remodel, be sure to contact the Bath Showcase today!