Tips To Design Your Perfect Kitchen

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Having trouble getting your kitchen design spot on? Is your current kitchen is outdated and in need of a refreshing new look? Are you designing a kitchen from scratch?  Knowing the steps on how to design a kitchen well is vital to your redesign success.

How To Plan

Kitchens were typically hidden-away workspaces, but today we spend large amounts of time. A functioning kitchen needs to offer the preparation and cooking facilities that suits everyone in the household while maintaining style.

 Focus On The Big Picture

Begin with evaluating the kitchen’s existing conditions.. Focus on reviewing certain elements, like doors or windows, which will affect how the kitchen should be set up. You want to focus on how everything’s working and what’s not functioning very well. You want to avoid the same shortcomings and patterns in your new designs.

 Observe How You Use The Space

When you’re planning your layout think about how you cook. What are you doing in your kitchen? How do you work? What’s your morning routine? Knowing what you use your counter space for like activities like juicing, baking, or making espresso must be factored in how successful your kitchen design will be.

Organize Your  Space

 Allow yourself the prep space. Make sure you give yourself such as cleaning food, chopping, and mixing ingredients. Allow your kitchen to have easy access to trash to avoid interfering with the dirty dish stockpile. Pair the refrigerator close to your pantry for more food storage space.

Use Drawers and Doors

Kitchen cabinetry should include fully-extended drawers and vertical storage. Drawers work well to reach to the back of the cabinet space. Draws make ideal space for dishes, mixing bowls, and smaller saucepans. Deeper vertical cabinets with fitted slots can accommodate a range of shapes.

Follow Architectural Hues

For style, inspiration takes cues from the architecture of the existing house, so that the kitchen follows the same pattern. The kitchen should have some tie-in to the house so it does not look out of place.  You don’t have to make it match but follow a trend.

If you are looking for the best kitchen design tips to remodel your kitchen with, be sure to contact The Bath Showcase for more information on how we can assist you in reaching your goal! We are here to help navigate the vast sea of kitchen designs in unexpected hues.