Three Design Updates That Will Take Your Kitchen To The Next Level

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In the new decade, stay away from the “safe” kitchen design has been the default for many people remodeling their homes. Treat yourself this year and invigorate your kitchen space with a bold design. The heart of the home deserves a touch-up. This is a room you spend countless hours cooking and entertaining family all the more reason to make the heart of your home a reflection of your personal taste and design style.

Color Statement Sinks

A great way to add color to your kitchen: You can install a jazzy sink. Wow, your guests with a statement sink. The sink fixture is often considered a focal point, so picking an unconventional design can change the look of your entire space, not to mention washing your dishes in a peachy-colored basin is bound to improve your kitchen routine, even if just a little. Choosing an apron-front sink with beautiful classic fixtures and unique functional design can make your kitchen feel timeless. If you prefer an under-mount the s richly-colored Cairn sink, can foster a modern ambiance. Navigating the vast sea of white sinks in search of designs in unexpected hues isn’t easy.

Faucet Finishes

The kitchen faucet since is the most visible fixture in the kitchen. Faucet options are endless; there isn’t a reason to limit yourself to chrome hardware.

With so many faucet options, there is no reason to limit yourself to standard chrome hardware. The Sensate kitchen faucet offers touchless technology, a magnetic docking system, and a multiple-function sprayhead in a variety of finishes that can fit your personal style from a dramatic ombré in titanium and rose gold to a matte black. Find the Kohler brands with the sophisticated outside of the box thinking.

Bold Design

In addition to bold color statement sinks and faucet finishes, consider bold design elements to consider making sure your kitchen space genuinely stand out. Try specialty materials and different finishes to add more sophistication. Intricate patterning, modern finishes, polished finish, and brass accessories will add a playful yet elegant sensibility. The feel of unexpected elements coming together creates a beautiful, well-judged space.

If you are looking for the best design trends to remodel your kitchen with, be sure to contact The Bath Showcase for more information on how we can assist you in reaching your goal!