The Best Way To Keep Your Kitchen Clean With The COVID-19 Outbreak

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Coronavirus is officially a pandemic and a national emergency. It’s always time to worry about the germs you bring into your home but now more than ever. The virus can still cling to surfaces you carry with you into your home, like your clothes, shoes, car and even your phone. Make sure you focus on cleaning all the doorknobs, countertops and other areas during your deep clean but here is how!


Start Clean

It’s hard to function in a kitchen when your space is a mess. Wash any lingering dishes; empty out the sink, dishwasher, and dish rack; be sure to clear the counters, then wipe them down with kitchen cleaner; scrub the stove for any splattered spots. To keep the germs at a minimum, use a disinfectant wipe to quickly sanitize those areas maybe even twice. Constant cleaning could do the trick to remove germs. After you wipe the area, let it air dry to give it time to kill any bacteria that could linger.


Wash Your Hands As Much As Possible

Now is the time to be an obsessive hand-washer. Wash with soap and water before cooking, and throughout prepping and cooking, whenever your hands are oily or floured or have anything on them. You should wash your hands.


Use Bleach Mixtures To Clean Floors

Your shoes step on a ton of nasty things during the day and if you don’t take them off when you come into the house, you could be tracking in viruses and other germs. To clean your kitchen floors in your kitchen use just 1 cup of bleach mixed with 5 to 6 gallons of water to mop your floors. Be sure not to stain your floors! Use a disinfecting wet mop cloth on your hardwood floors or combine half a cup of white vinegar and 1 gallon of water.

Clean As You Cook

Most people dump everything in the sink to do later but don’t leave a pile of dirtiness that lurks over you as you try to concentrate on a recipe. Instead, trash or compost as you work. Pull your kitchen trash can next to your cooking space, if you have enough counter space, have a large bowl near you can put trimmings and other to-be-discarded items in.


Clean Up With Hydrogen Peroxide


When you pour the substance directly on surfaces like your sink, countertops you’ll need to let it soak for around 10-15 minutes. This will give it time to absorb everything. After you let it sit, scrub the area and then rinse with water.


Prevent Cross-Contamination

You don’t want any raw meat to touch anything. Dedicate a cutting board to vegetables and one for meat. Wear disposable gloves when prepping meat or seafood and discard them after every use.


We’ve helped you clean up! Don’t forget us for all your Kitchen and Bath needs. At The Bath Showcase, we can help make sure you have a successful smooth remodel. Contact us today!