Bathroom Remodeling Trends For 2019 Part 2

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As mentioned in our last blog, we have covered some popular bathroom remodeling trends we have started to notice in 2019. We want to continue that list with five brand new trends that will sure to have your guests gawking over how amazing your bathroom will look.

5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends For 2019

Compact Storage

When it comes to storage, everyone wants to have ample amounts of storage that take up little space as possible, and with bathrooms, there isn’t a lot of space, to begin with. This is why compact storage solutions are the perfect pairing for bathrooms. Consider hidden cabinets, modern wall shelving, and vanities under space storage to give off a less cluttered look while being able to store all of your bathroom needs.

Pops of Color

As mentioned in the last blog, color tones of grey, black, and other darker tones were the staple to modern bathroom design. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of color to spice things up. There is an abundance of different colors to add to your bathroom design that will help make things pop such as fixtures or accessories. You can even go a bit further and look up what different colors bring and add them to the room if you are looking for a specific feeling. For example, pops of blue is supposed to increase relaxation while green brings about the feelings of wellness and nature.

Open Showers & Big Tubs

Bathrooms are becoming more of a mini-vacation/relaxation destination from everyday life, so why not have accessories that will enhance that relaxation. By incorporating large bathtubs or open showers you will have wide open space to cleanse yourself as well as sit back and take in the moment.

Asymmetrical Mirrors

Geometric shaped mirrors are all the rage right now as they offer a creative way to add character to a bathroom. What is great about these mirrors is that some come with smart touch capabilities, USB charging stations, anti-fog technology and more! Another important feature of these new types of mirrors is the lighting you can get with it. Many come with nifty backlighting so there aren’t large fixtures ruining the flow of the room.

Heated Tiles

The first part of this series talked about intricate tiles you can add to your bathroom, but as we all know tiles can get cold in a colder climate. To combat this, consider installing heated tiles into your bathroom so you and your guests can get a nice surprise when using your bathroom in the winter. These types of tiles also reduce noise levels as well as possible allergic reactions since there are no air currents disturbing the dust.