Bathroom Remodeling Trends For 2019 Part 1

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As we are halfway through 2019, the summer season is here and it is a great time to have some work done in your home as the weather is great for it. One of the more popular projects done during this season is remodeling, whether its the kitchen or bathroom. As the years change so do the trends and we have the latest in bathroom remodeling ideas that you may see in 2019.

Black is the New Grey

The color grey has been a staple color theme for bathrooms since 2016 but its time to add some new elements that will make your bathroom pop. We are talking about the color black and overall darker tones to accent different amenities in the bathroom. A great place to start adding this dark color is with light fixtures, vanities, and mirrors that can have a matte finish. While these dark tones may be hard to jump right into because of how bold they are, if your hesitant, you can add them along with grey as they both complement each other very well.


Home automation has become more of a commodity in many homes as it makes living a lot easier. With the popularity of smart speakers, the possibilities are endless to what can be synced up in your home. We took this idea and applied it to bathroom remodeling and there are a lot of amazing things that can be added to help with your bathroom activities. In 2019, don’t be surprised if you find bathrooms with smart showers, mini-fridges, and automatic sinks. Turn your bathroom into a day spa by incorporating a smart shower that you can automatically time to turn on and be ready to go at the perfect temperatures, Bluetooth speakers to enjoy your favorite tunes as you bath. There is also the possibility of adding smart mirrors can talk to you as well as implementing mini tv installments for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Brass & Gold

Elements of brass and gold are coming back to bathroom design in a big way. These colors are taking over sinks, toilets, as well as accent pieces on other types of vanities. Brass and gold are perfect ways to bring the bright colors of summer into your home that will give life to your bathroom design. While these colors aren’t everyone’s favorite, they can be added in a big way, with a golden sink, or sprinkled across the room by having golden hardware, light fixtures, and mirrors.

Industrial Styled Sinks & Vanities

This intricate trend may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but industrial styled sinks and vanities have been making a huge wave in the commercial industry and will soon spill over to residential homes. The great thing with this style of design is that you have many options including wooden accents, funky tile patterns, and they look great with brass and gold accents. If you are looking to create a whole new experience with your bathroom, try transforming your bathroom into an industrial oasis.


Adding tiles to either your bathroom or kitchen is a great idea as tile not only add a new aesthetic but also new textures to a room. Especially with bathrooms and the moisture that comes from them, tiles should be your go-to material for walls and floors. However, the days of subway tile and large format tile are long gone as more intrigue styles of tile have taken over. Be on the lookout for hexagon, arabesque, diamond, Moroccan fish scales, and chevron patterns for new tile patterns as well as tiles with new colors and textures. These new tiles are perfect for backsplashes and make great eye-catching floor art.

Wood Accents

One big thing with interior design trends this year has been to add natural elements and let the “green” in. With “green” being plant life and other similar accents, it is no wonder why adding wood accents to your bathroom is on this list. Wood is a great material to complement bathrooms that have white, blue, green and other darker colors in them, like black. In addition to the colors, wood pairs nicely for vintage and industrial styled pieces as mentioned above, so if you are looking to incorporate some finely finished wood to your bathroom, consider having a vanity made out of quality wood that will pop whenever someone enters the room.

If you are interested in remodeling your bathroom with these trends, be sure to contact The Bath Showcase today and get started on your project!