Designing a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

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Many of our clients are looking to design a bathroom with their children in mind. One of the main objectives for homeowners is designing a bathroom that is completely safe for their little ones without jeopardizing the safety of their children. There is actually a slew of items on the market and DIY tasks that can be used to create the perfect child-friendly bathroom.

Designing a Step Stool

If you adore DIY projects, create a homemade stool to raise your children. This allows them to access the sink easily. A pine board and plywood works wonders and with some wheels, you can easily store this in the closet.

Small Ceramic Tiles

Little children are quite adventurous so it’s important to have enough traction so your children don’t slip. Small ceramic tiles that have grout offer enough traction to alleviate any accidents.

Wall-Mounted Trough

A wall-mounted trough offers plenty of room for multiple kids to access the sink at the same time. If you don’t love the color of the trough, you can easily paint this with a gorgeous accent color.

Open Shelves

Rather than having your children shuffle through towels and other toiletries, open shelving allows for them to grab items much quicker.

Select a Large Sink

A trough sink instead of double sinks is much more accommodating for children. It’s quick and simple to clean and leaves plenty of space.

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