7 of the Best Color Schemes of 2017

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classic bathroomOne of the most exciting parts of designing the bathroom is choosing the color scheme. This is also one of the more easier tasks as you can explore a wide variety of colors and browse through color swatches at any time.

Deep Greens & Wood Accents

Hues such as hunter, olive, forest and emerald look absolutely beautiful when complemented by wood accents. Matte black fixtures are also quite striking and they create a rustic appeal. If you’re seeking a Southwestern or farmhouse design, we highly recommend incorporating deep green hues.

Cool Blues & Whites

Cool blues create a calm, relaxing atmosphere which is perfect for the bathroom. For those of you who love taking a long bubble bath, incorporate various shades of blues in the tiles, flooring or walls.

Subdued & Vivid Oranges

While orange can be overwhelming if you choose a shade that is bursting with personality, you can tone it down with a terracotta orange. Colors such as this create an energizing atmosphere without going overboard.

Classic Neutral Beiges

traditional bathroomVintage inspired bathrooms have been trending for quite some time and the one thing you’ll notice is the use of neutral colors. Typically, classic neutral colors such as taupes, beiges and tans work wonderfully in the bathroom to create a timeless look. Add a bouquet of flowers and some painting for a pop of color.

White & Gray

In newly built homes, bathrooms are often seen an even mix of mahogany and crisp white. The combination of these two colors creates a neutral backdrop so homeowners can add their own twist to the bathroom design. If you have a bathroom that is mahogany and white, add beveled mirror or colorful tiles to liven up the room.

Glossy Reds & Whites

Creating an inviting, fun space for your bathroom could be challenging. If you are hoping to get your kids in the bathroom every night to brush their teeth, you’ll definitely want a stimulating bathroom color scheme. For example, using glossy red wall tiles on the wall and white tile flooring then placing a red bathmat against the white tiles, you’ll notice an explosion of color.

Black & White

Last but not least is the classic black and white bathroom. These two colors paired together have been popular for decades. Whether you want a retro bathroom or a modern style, by strategically placing black and white into your bathroom, you can really create any look and feel that really appeals to you!