4 Ways to Maintain New Tile Flooring

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When choosing new flooring for your kitchen or bathroom during renovations or building, there are multiple choices. Tile is one of the most popular because of its versatility, beauty, and easy maintenance. There are a few steps to take to keep your tile floor looking nice once it is installed.


4 Different Ways To Maintain New Floor Tile

Clean it Regularly

You don’t want to let dirt become embedded in your tile and grout. Therefore, it is important to vacuum, sweep, and dust your floors regularly in order to prevent that from happening. You should also mop the floor with warm water at least once per week. Use a mild soap to enhance your tile’s shine, but make sure to check with the manufacturer before using any harsh chemicals to prevent damage to your tiles.

Every so often, you will also want to do a deep clean. Freshwater and dish detergent are a great combination to remove any grease or stains from your tiles.

Clean Up Spills

Spills happen. Use absorbent cloths to wipe up any spills and avoid dirt from piling up. This will also, prevent spills from turning into stains on your new tile.

Use Rugs

While it may seem counterintuitive to cover your brand-new floor with rug, it is one way to protect your new flooring, especially in high traffic areas. Consider using doormats by doors to prevent mud, salt, and water from being tracked in. Any areas with high foot traffic can also benefit from area rugs or runners to prevent dulling or scratch in those areas. You will also want to have rugs over the bathroom tile to collect water when exiting the bath and shower. Prolonged exposure to moisture can damage your bathroom floor.

Pay Attention to the Grout

You will want to clean the grout of your tile floors regularly. However, it is unnecessary to purchase a cleaner specific for this. Consider using baking soda and water instead. Scrub the grout and rinse the mixture away. This will eliminate any dirt or buildup within the grout, which can make the whole floor appear dirty.

If you follow these steps, your tile floors will last for many years. If you want more specific advice for caring for your floors, read up on advice from the manufacturers or be sure to contact The Bath Showcase for more information!