Designing a Modern Bathroom

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His & Her Vanico SinkTraditional and cottage-style homes are extremely popular in New England, but recently, modern designs have been attracting a lot of attention. When it comes to the bathroom, homeowners are choosing a more modern feel for a cutting-edge look.

Tile is key when it comes to defining a modern look. You should look for tiles that incorporate metal or glass. If you want to tone it down a bit, ceramic and porcelain are great options as well. For a retro-inspired bathroom, oxidized copper-color tiles are a great choice. You can create a mosaic accent wall with glass tile for a conversational piece.

Modern Design Elements

Some designs can show off a modern look while others can take your bathroom in the opposite direction.

Selecting the Right Color Scheme – Monochrome works fabulously for a modern look. If you incorporate just one color, in different shades, into the room, you’ll truly make your bathroom stand out. If monochromatic doesn’t seem like the best choice for you, contemporary colors that contrast one another will surely make the room pop! Consider bright orange or pink against lighter shades of blue, or pair reds or pinks with cooler tones such as greens and lime tones.

Patterns – Classic tile such as subway tile is timeless. Using tiles in several shades will create a multi-toned, lively look. For basic square patterns, lay out your tile with slight color variations to add texture.

Shapes – Geometric shapes and clean lines are your best bet for a contemporary look. Any elaborate design could appear too busy and become a major distraction. Placing tile in a straight pattern is simple but also emphasizes the materials being used in the bathroom.

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