Selecting the Right Bathtub

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bathtubThere are a plenty of bathtub choices on the market right now, many of which look absolutely breathtaking.  You may want a large whirlpool or massage tub.  Or, you may opt of something simpler. There’s nothing more refreshing than grabbing a good book and soaking in a warm bubble bath!

Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot tubs add an air of elegance as they create a gorgeous focal point of sophistication. Keep in mind that if you want a free-standing tub, you will need a larger open space around the tub.  If you’re aiming for a vintage look, a clawfoot tub just may seal the deal!

Alcove Tubs

A more common option is the alcove tub. It is a space saver, with a three-wall enclosure. This type of tub is often enclosed with fitted panels or gorgeous tiles.  This application makes it easy to add shower doors or glass panels instead of curtains for a custom look.

Drop-In Tubs

Drop-in tubs take a bit of work for installation, but they are absolutely worth it!  You’ll essentially need to build a deck around the tub and then install the tub within the structure. While they can be used in an alcove or against walls, drop-in tubs are usually front and center, right in the middle of the room. This look creates a free standing tub with a deck for faucets or seating and other accessories.

Undermount Tubs

Similar to a drop-in tub, an undermount tub has the deck around the rim and its counter top is usually made of stone or tile. Typically, homeowners match the deck with the vanity top of the bathroom.  The results are breathtaking!

Walk-In Tubs

Seniors or those who have trouble moving around prefer to use “walk-in tubs” as they come in a few sizes and they come equipped with a built-in seat as well as a grab bars on the sides for stability.

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