6 Kitchen Design Tips To Try This Winter

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Now that we are in the middle of winter, it is time to make use of the all the time that will be spent indoors. What better way to ring in the new year and make winter productive than by enhancing the design or completely remodeling your kitchen! Just like the fashion industry, the interior design industry is always changing and following new trends from year to year and in 2019 it is no different. Below are six different design tips to use this winter to have the ultimate kitchen design as you stay warm.

Double Kitchen Islands

Having an island in your kitchen is a great way to work with the space you have as well as offering something new to ordinary kitchen design. By introducing a second kitchen island, you are introducing a new space to eat, entertain, and have another area for storage. You can also control the flow of your kitchen area by incorporating a second kitchen island and set up the islands whatever way you seem fit.

Comfortable Seating

One thing that everyone can agree on is that during the weekend we are trying to stay warm and comfortable during the harsh New England winters. In addition to fighting off the cold, homeowners always want to make sure that their guests are comfortable in their home. With the kitchen being a room that has a lot of foot traffic, and often a room that is a hot spot for guests, it’s a good idea to incorporate comfortable seating options.

Enhanced Functionality

Over the years, the kitchen has evolved from a room to just prepare and eat meals in, to one of the most visited or used rooms in a home. Aside from eating meals, kids often do homework in the kitchen, adults pay bills, and more recently, we are seeing families watch tv in kitchens while they eat. With this in mind, start introducing more functioning qualities to your kitchen with desks, built-in TVs, etc.

Custom Cabinetry 

One way to show character in your kitchen is by incorporating customization, such as custom cabinets. Homeowners have the opportunity to implement unique finishes and material combinations for their cabinets that will catch the eyes of all that visit. High-gloss lacquers, cool matte colors, and mesmerizing grain patterns are all great materials and combinations to use if you are looking to add a custom feel to your kitchen cabinets.

Colorful Dinnerware

For most kitchen designs, white is the dominant color that reigns supreme through the entire kitchen. It offers a clean, modern, and welcoming look and feels to a home. While this trend is a great option to go by, it is getting old and more so now, homeowners are open to adding color to their kitchens. One way to test out this new color implementation is by having China or other dinnerware with colorful patterns.

Open Kitchen Spaces

Gone are the days where a wall separates a kitchen and the dining room area, as more homeowners are knocking down the walls for a more open and connected feel. By having an open space you are expanding the size and functionality of the kitchen and dining areas while also allowing these areas to serve different purposes.

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