Bathroom Tile Trends to Look Out For

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aqua tile for bathrooms Tile flooring may not seem like a deal breaker but they can actually make your bathroom appear absolutely gorgeous instead of dull and lifeless. There are plenty of options on the market, from vintage black and white tile flooring to wood or marble looking heated floors.

Patterned Tiles: “Plain and lifeless” tile flooring can sometimes look unattractive, depending on your color scheme.  Having white, tan or beige walls, adding patterned tiles to the bathroom displays “artisanship”!

Mosaic Tiles: These types of tiles are somewhat unique and more and more designers like geometric patterns when it comes to tiles. Hexagon tile flooring is best used when working with several shades of one color.

Glass Tiles: Color tones with dimension have always been popular and now designers are going with some other neutral palettes. Using glass tiles creates dimension in neutral spaces.

Chevron and Fish Scale Tiles: Fish scale tiles are actually quite new and have really been making an impact in bathroom design. Not only do they add dimension but now homeowners won’t have such a boxy appearance in the home. Patterned chevron tile also make a huge impact on your space!

Vertical Tiles: If horizontal tiles are getting boring to your eye, opt for vertical tile patterns! These look lovely behind a glass shower enclosure or along the walls of the bathroom.

Distressed Tiles: Distressed tiles work wonders on metallic materials, creating gorgeous patterns. Such as a hammered look or a leathered appreance.

Subway and Hexagon Tiles: These tiles can create an old world feel or a nice contemporary look. Hexagon is extremely versatile as you can choose from large or small formats, wood or concrete. The options are pretty much endless!

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