Which Bathroom Trends Are Worth It?

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Kohler Reve Bathtub & SinksYou’ve probably noticed bathroom trends changing over the years and if you’re ready to get your remodel started, sit down and think about what you’re looking for in a bathroom remodel. When it comes to redesigning your bathroom, you don’t want to fall prey to bathroom trends that are going to be gone shortly.

Whirlpool tubs used to be a hit but they are now becoming major eyesores. Nowadays homeowners are eager to install walk-in showers. Homeowners have the luxury of customizing their shower heads or installing in-shower seating. There are plenty of tile options such as porcelain or stone so you can really create a spa-like experience.

Hiding a toilet behind a wall or in a water closet has become a new trend in master bathrooms that definitely will not fade out. Everyone needs their privacy. A hidden toilet is perfect when your morning bathroom routine occurs at the same time as your significant other.

Going along with the privacy theme, have you considered investing in a walk-in closet? Adding a walk-in closet inside the bathroom allows you to install a makeup vanity so you have even more privacy. Now you can start your morning off with no interruptions.

Adding a historic finishing touch on your bathroom design shows your guests your unique personality and keeps the bathroom timeless. You don’t need antiques necessarily but antique-style finishes do look beautiful. For instance, a clawfoot tub never goes out of style, same with a Victorian vanity.

Subway tiles are here to stay. From blue and green to orange and red, marble or granite, there is a wide-variety of styles and colors to choose from. However, white or marble-like whites are your best bet for a timeless tile. By using white you can switch out décor and wall color.

Dark woods have been used in bathrooms for decades. Hardwood floor in the bathroom is surprisingly beautiful. Pairing wood with white walls also draws your focus toward the floor. Your bathroom will remain warm and inviting.

Pedestal sinks are ideal for those who don’t have much space to work with. Instead of a vanity, use a pedestal sink with nickel finishes. This also looks gorgeous with wooden floors!