Advantages of a Floating Vanity

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Vanico Sink with Dark Wooden VanityWhile floating vanities have become increasingly popular in bathrooms, it’s still rare to see one in the home. Not only do floating vanities create a more modern appearance but they are extremely attention-grabbing. One of the major advantages of floating vanities is that they create a larger opening in the bathroom so it’s less compact. Let’s explore some other advantages of purchasing a floating vanity for your bathroom.

  1. Cleaning is Quick & Easy

You won’t have to bend over and shove your dust pan underneath the vanity. There aren’t any awkward corners or dust bunnies so cleaning is super simple!

  1. If You Love Organizing…

For those of you who find joy out of color coding your towels, organizing your cotton swabs and making sure your lipsticks are perfectly aligned, a floating vanity is for you. These types of vanities allow you to display all your bathroom products with under-sink open shelves.

  1. Minimalistic Look

When you pair a floating vanity with a monochromatic wall or sink, you can create a gorgeous minimalistic look. This also will draw attention to other areas of the bathroom such as a free-standing tub.

  1. Radiant-Heat Flooring

If you’ve invested in radiant-heat flooring, hanging your vanity on the wall can maximize warmth. Think about when you put on makeup at the sink, do your hair or brush your teeth. Now your feet will stay nice and toasty!

  1. Look at Those Tiles

When you have beautiful tile along the walls, you don’t want that covered up by the vanity. Show off that marble or porcelain by extending it down to the floor.

  1. Perfect for Everyone

A floating vanity adjusts to everyone. Whether your little one needs a step stool or you live with a grandparent who has a walker, a floating vanity accommodates all ages.