What to Avoid When Renovating Your Bathroom

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bathroom renovationRenovating the bathroom can be a lengthy yet exciting process. When you budget correctly and have a plan in place, the renovation process goes seamlessly. However, if you haven’t done much planning, you could end up with more costly repairs.

  1. Not Installing a Bathroom Fan

Forgetting to install a bathroom fan is a huge issue. Humidity builds up and causes mold growth which leads to grout and moisture deterioration.

  1. No Planning

Everything should be sketched out from budget, to materials to who will be working on what. Planning is an essential key when it comes to a bathroom renovation.

  1. Stick to Your Budget

You should always save a little bit extra for random repairs that come up. If you have a budget of $10,000 stick with it. Don’t purchase expensive materials if you simply don’t have the money. Put the money in your bank account and leave it there until you’re ready for the renovation.

  1. Lack of Spacing

Functionality is huge when planning your bathroom and it should be much more important that the décor. Think about the decorating portion later. Consider the layout as well as spacing and make sure the new layout is up to date with building codes. It’s essential that the plumbing and fixtures can be used for everyday use.

  1. Overlooking Small Repairs

Small issues in a new tile or a large gap in a bathroom vanity will grow into bigger issues down the line. While you’re renovating, make sure to fix even the smallest errors. If you notice an issue now, it will definitely get worse.

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