Best Technology to Improve Your Bathroom

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According to a new real estate study, 77% of homebuyers are searching for property with “smart” innovations. A majority of the tech gadgets belong to smart home automation systems – this means technology that lets us control lights, security and temperature.

The bathroom has now become a popular room to include technology in.

Revolutionary New Toilets

Several new types of toilets have hit the market including toilet seat warmers, LED lights, self-cleaning toilets and antimicrobial toilet seats. There are also motion sensors which raise and lower toilet seat lids.

Digital Faucets

Digital faucets are making their way to the market as they conserve both water and energy. Not only do they reduce tap flow but they have digital-control settings and touchless technology. The infrared tap technology will turn off the water when it notices the hands are not under the faucet. Programmable features include a timed shower setting and teeth-brushing options.

Soaking Tubs

Jacuzzi tubs were a once popular option but now designers are leaning towards soaking tubs. These don’t come with a shower and are quite sleek. Pipes come up from underneath the floor and pour into the bathtub. Some of these soaking tubs offer a modern spin on massaging jets – an air bath. This works by having air channels deliver a steady stream of warm massaging bubbles.

Newest Tech Gadgets

If you store medicine in your bathroom cabinet, opt for refrigerated bathroom cabinets which will keep your meds nice and cool along with your drink. Listening to music in the shower is extremely relaxing and with LCD shower panels, now you can control the music much more easily. You can also control water flow, steam and chromotherapy.

Can’t stop watching your favorite show? Waterproof TVs are a must. If you frequently find yourself bringing your iPad in the tub, you’ll want to purchase this TV.