Choosing the Right Bathroom Color Combinations

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blue-bathroomWhite bathroom products create a timeless look but they can also make the room appear bland if it’s lacking a pop of color. While there has recently been in increase of colorful toilets, tubs and sinks to hit the market, white is still the most popular choice.

Deep paint colors create an artistic backdrop, allowing you to install bold colored hooks or hang up bright towels. If you find yourself putting on makeup in the bathroom, then consider painting your bathroom with colors that flatter your skin tone. Consider colors such as peach, terra cotta and pink; avoid gray and yellow-greens.

Many homeowners incorporate plants in their bathroom, making it the perfect opportunity to add both natural and manmade green. Earthy colors don’t need to just be green, however, you can select from a variety of hues.

When it comes to marble bathtubs, you can spotlight this gorgeous feature with gray veining. As many are aware, marble can completely transform a bathroom into an elegant atmosphere. Purple is often used to play off the cool tones and create deep shades. You can also balance the coolness by using warmer colors like green and yellow.

Antique cabinets and vanities that create a furniture look in the bathroom have become increasingly popular and play a major part when choosing a wall color. For period pieces, it’s best to research the era so you can see what colors were used. For example, Victorian pieces should be enhanced by sage green or raspberry rather than modern colors like blue or sherbet.

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