Adding Storage to Your Bathroom Design

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blue & white bathroomThe designers at the Bath Showcase love offering advice and inspiration to homeowners who are ready to begin their bathroom makeover. In order to express your personality through your bathroom design, you’ll want to consider tile patterns, vanity style, lighting options and much more. In addition to choosing the right products, it’s crucial to have plenty of storage space for personal belongings and to maintain a clutter-free bathroom.

Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Who will be using this bathroom and how often? This will determine which supplies should be kept in the bathroom.
  • Is this a bathroom for guests?
  • Does it require a wide range of toiletries and makeup?
  • Do you only need a couple towels for guests?
  • Is this a smaller bathroom or will it be utilized as a powder room?

By answering these questions like these, you can determine which storage solution fits best in your bathroom.

A vanity is one of the best spots to store your toiletries and fortunately, there are vanities to fit both large and small sized bathrooms. For example, if you’re building out a powder room, a small vanity can hold some extra hand towels and soap for your guests.

If you have a large bathroom, opt for a bigger vanity which can hold many different items.  This can help provide a clutter free environment.  There are options for closed and open storage spaces so you can still display some items.

You can also utilize your vertical space to add storage units. This offers another visual layer to your design. Wall-mounted shelves provide plenty of room to store your goods without maxing out space.

Keep in mind, not all storage units are one-size-fits-all. You can certainly customize drawer space or even create a pull-out laundry basket. There are endless possibilities when looking for storage space!

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