How to Plan for a Bathroom Remodel

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contemporary bathroomA simple and cost-effective method to the boost your home’s resale value is to undergo a bathroom renovation. This not only increases property value but provides a more tranquil atmosphere to bathe and get ready in the morning. Take a look below for some bathroom remodeling tips to prepare for your upcoming bathroom remodel.

Consider the Time Frame – Think about when the project has to be finished and if you have another bathroom to use during the renovation process.

Create a List – Make a quick list of items you’d like to replace such as tiling, lighting, cabinets, sink, etc. This will help you stay within a budget.

Remember the Little Things – While you may have considered the major renovations in your home, take a moment    to prioritize some smaller items you may need renovated.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where should the outlets go?
  • Where do I place the lights?
  • Will the towels hang low?
  • Do I need two or three mirrors for the bathroom?
  • What type of cabinet hardware do I need?

Design for Functionality – Take the time to sit down and think about your bathroom’s functionality. While your dream bathroom may be stylish, you still need to make sure you have a multi-functional space. Consider all the pieces in your bathroom including, vanity options, showers fixtures, faucets choices, tile and accessories. This allows you to piece all paint-colors together with all the various elements that make up your final design.

When you’re ready to get started on your bathroom remodel, give us a call at 781.894.4828. We offer   an array of bathroom fixtures including products from Kohler, Grohe, Icera,  Basco,   and many more paired with great design expertise to create your perfect Bathroom.