Enhancing a Small Bathroom Layout

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modern bathroom designWhile designing a bathroom can be quite challenging, a small bathroom can be an even greater hurdle. The designers at the Bath Showcase have years of experience designing bathrooms in Massachusetts while providing clients with the proper products to enhance their bathrooms.

The Bath Showcase offers tips on how to make your bathroom appear much larger!

  1. Incorporate Mirror Walls

You can easily double the look of a small room by adding mirrors across an entire wall. When hung above a vanity or on one side of a narrow bathroom, mirrors can be extremely effective. Mirrors also reflect light which makes the bathroom look a bit more open.

  1. Wall-Mounted Toilet

Save leg room and floor space by installing a wall-mounted toilet.   You could also, incorporate shelving above the tank of a toilet if you have a standard floor-mounted toilet to increase storage space.

  1. Replace the Tub

A bathtub could take up nearly twice as much space as spacious shower.  By eliminating the bathtub and replacing it with a shower, you can really enlarge the bathroom. If you have small children who still bathe, consider replacing a tub with a low profile option. The shorter height allows children to get in and out with ease. It also  makes the bathroom feel more open.

  1. Frameless Glass Tub Enclosure

Shower curtains can accrue a lot of grime and can be quite challenging to work with. They also make the bathroom appear one-third smaller. To increase space, install a frameless glass panel which will also help to capture a vast amount of light. Try to avoid framed sliding glass panels on a “U” channel, as they can move off the track and are a bit tougher to clean.

  1. Opt for Curbless Showers

For a homeowner with a concrete floor, stone slab or even a tile floor, a curbless shower maybe a perfect option.   Eliminating the curb step around the shower area and allowing the flooring to continue right inside creates a clean open and safe space.

  1. Floating Vanities

Similar to wall-mounted toilets, wall-mounted sinks are a great way to save floor space.  If the “open concept” is an important element for you, go with a wall-mounted floating vanity.

  1. Pocket Doors

A pocket door is one of the best ways to enlarge your bathroom, gaining up to nine square feet of space in a small room.

If you are ready to start with your bathroom remodel, contact the Bath Showcase. We offer a wide array of bathroom products and have highly knowledgeable designers at the ready to help.