Bathroom Shelving Ideas

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bathroom shelvesFinding plenty of storage space for your bathroom can seem like a difficult process even if you have a large, luxurious bathroom. Consider all the toiletries you own such as makeup, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners and more. Finding ample storage space for these items while maintaining a clean  bathroom is actually more challenging than you think.

Stacked Shelves

By adding shelving yourself or purchasing matching cabinetry, you can make your bathroom even more gorgeous while adding necessary storage space. You could add shelving above one another so the shelves looked stacked (think of it like a bookcase). This way you can use mostly    wall space to store your belongings. Place your toiletries in wicker baskets and use white-washed wood or maple wood for a rustic feel.

Shelf Above the Toilet

There’s almost always plenty of wall space above the toilet. Whether you want to add  floating shelfs  or a metal type stand behind the toilet, there are plenty of options on the market. Here you can place towels rather than putting them in a hallway closet, or you may like to keep candles, sprays and toilet paper on these shelves.

Spice Rack for Makeup

A lot of antique stores sell vintage and rustic spice racks. There are also metallic spice racks to fit in with your modern kitchen. However, many people don’t consider adding a spice rack into their bathroom. These are perfect for a narrow space such as spice racks that are long, narrow and ideal for makeup brushes, makeup, toothpaste, and odds & ends.

Mounted Shelf Above the Door

While you don’t see this too often, a mounted shelf looks elegant when hung over the door. Use a wood shelf and pair it with white brackets for a clean look. Guests probably won’t notice it and you can store your more unappealing possessions here.

Lazy Susan

Again, another idea taken from the kitchen and implemented into the bathroom! The Lazy Susan can be placed inside your cabinet so you can store little items. The Lazy Susan is ideal for makeup, smaller shampoo bottles, medicine, extra toothpaste and toothbrushes, contacts, etc.

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