Bathroom Design & Products in Weston, MA

Listed as one of the top 10 most affluent towns in the country, Weston MA is a remarkable surburb with some of the most gorgeous views and beautiful homes. Houses typically range from 2 million to 18 million dollars and the town is filled with private roads which feature 24 hour police patrol. Homeowners take great pride in their home’s aesthetics, including both the interior and exterior design. When they’re in need of bathroom remodeling assistance, they contact the renowned designers at the Bath Showcase.

Our team will help recreate any bathroom imaginable, from small and outdated kitchens to kitchens that only need minor touch ups. Whether you’re seeking a stone countertop, tile floors, custom cabinetry or new vanity lighting, we have you covered. If your Weston home has a gorgeous exterior, why not update the interior to along with it?

To relive you of any anxiety, the Bath Showcase has crafted a Designer Plan Kit. This handy checklist allows you to map out a budget, timeframe, product style, color and more. We offer the best products on the market ranging from Kohler and Aker to Basco and Gerber. With your budget in mind, the Bath Showcase can completely transform your Weston bathroom. Regardless of size, we experiment with various techniques to make your bathroom both stylish and functional.

For more information on our bathroom renovation services in Weston MA, contact us at 781.487.2211.