Learn All About Floating Vanities

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floating vanityRecently, floating vanities have increased in popularity as their hard, sleek edges create a beautiful minimalistic feel. By having open space underneath the floating vanity, the visual clutter is cut down. For those of you with a smaller bathroom, you can make the room appear much larger.


Floating vanities are customizable since they are mounted against a wall and you can be more selective of where you place them. The best part is they can be adjusted to your height. You can also mix up compartments such as placing two sinks side by side and putting the cabinet drawers elsewhere.


Larger, floor-standing vanities are much more difficult to install. When it comes to floating vanities, all you need to do is align the frames and attach them to strong anchors. They also won’t get warped or fluctuate in a humid environment.

Other Benefits of a Floating Vanity

  • Creates unbroken floor space
  • Practical for cleaning & keeping the floor clear
  • Larger cabinets with plenty of storage space
  • Extremely beneficial for a smaller bathroom
  • When you have radiant floor heating, you have extra floor space to give off heat
  • Floor installation is much easier
  • Greater selection of cabinets including small and large
  • Open shelf and standard closed cabinet options

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