Selecting the Best Material for Your Bathroom Floor

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There are countless options when it comes to your bathroom floors but it can seem nearly impossible when trying to choose. You’ll want to consider which material is durable and how resistant it is to moisture or mold.

Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooringVinyl is perfect for those on a tight budget. Not only is it easy to replace but it can be installed over other materials so you don’t really need to worry about demolition. Vinyl is flexible and it can be painted to the color of your choosing! However, vinyl is not nearly as appealing as ceramic or stone.

Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic is offered in several colors, shapes and patterns.  These are among the toughest tiles and they’re extremely resistant to moisture. Ceramic tiles are fireproof so they can’t give off toxic fumes.

Cork Flooring

Another water-resistant flooring, cork is also hypoallergenic and is extremely resistant to fire. As a great alternative to wood, cork repels dust and your feet won’t get cold the way they would on stone. For us in New England, this is a major relief. However, if you want to switch up the color, cork always remains green. Since cork is malleable, you don’t have worry about putting a dent in it from dropping heavy objects.

Porcelain Flooring

Porcelain utilizes less clay and is pressed harder than ceramic. For high-traffic areas in the bathroom, you’ll want to use porcelain. While porcelain is associated with toilets because it resists scratching, it’s also great for floors. Porcelain offers the authenticity of stone, marble, quartz and a slew of other materials.

Stone Flooring

stone flooringWhen people want a luxurious bathroom, stone is what they go with. Regardless if it’s sandstone, flagstone, granite or slate, stone lasts a lifetime. It is on the pricey side but stone will surely increase the resale value of your home.