How to Design the Perfect Master Bathroom

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Master bathrooms have become increasingly common in homes, offering space for us to get away from our hectic blue-bathroomschedules. These types of bathrooms are often quite spacious and luxurious, providing a tranquil private space where we can truly relax.

Every bathroom requires a few basic elements but when it comes to master bathrooms, there are various amenities that make the space extra special.

How to Space Out the Master Bathroom

Pathways of 36 inches or more should be used and leave about 42 inches in front of sinks so you won’t bump into anyone if you’re sharing the room. Consider whether you want to cross your bathroom to get into the close or if you need a bit more space to accommodate one or two people.

Where to Place Your Bathroom Fixtures

Sinks should be accessible when entering the room. Commonly, two sinks are aligned within a cabinet but for more luxurious spaces, there are independent cabinets which allows each person to have a personal countertop.

Bathtubs are often a focal point in the master bathroom even if they aren’t used very often. If you have a large tub, try to leave an abundance of floor space in front of the tub so entering and exiting the bathroom isn’t challenging.

Showers can be placed in spaces where there are water-resistant areas. Do you want your shower to be in the open or glass-enclosed? Ample floor space should always be left in front of the shower so there is room to maneuver in and out of the shower.

Toilets can be in their own small rooms or preferable out of sight lines.

Linen closets should be far away from the wettest area. If you don’t have pedestal sinks, then you will expect to have extra space in cabinets and drawers around the sink.

Consider the Bathroom an Extension of the Bedroom

Master bathroom doors are typically left open to the bedroom. Think about what you see from the bedroom. Do you want to look at a beautiful free-standing tub? You certainly don’t want to be looking directly at a toilet!

Additional Helpful Tips
  • Vanity cabinets could be beautiful furniture pieces in this space.
  1. Make sure the finishes in your bathroom are what you like. Sediment in the water & residue from your fingers can mark up the finishes. And, water can spot. Keep this in mind when buying shiny faucets and trims.
  • Perhaps use new paint color to freshen up your master bathroom that coordinates with the bedroom.
  • A mirror can be an excellent statement piece. You can make the mirror work with your design scheme to liven up the room. Or keep in simple to make the room apper larger.
  • If you have a generous budget, a chandelier or wall sconces for lighting will set a nice mood.
  • Incorporate more storage into the bathroom to avoid clutter. Such as a medicine cabinet.
  • You can always switch up little things such as a shower curtains, towels or floor mats to freshen up a new look..
  • Purchase potpourri, reed or add new scented soaps into your master bathroom.

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