How to Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

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While many homeowners are concerned with expanding the size of their bathroom due to length of time and costs, the process can actually be quite smooth. In fact, if you’re eager to remodel your bathroom but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, take a look at some of our helpful tips below.

Pedestal Sink – While a traditional vanity is quite convenient as it offers plenty of storage space, a pedestal sink provides a more open feel. With windows above the pedestal sink, plenty of light can shine through.

Sliding Pocket Door – A sliding pocket door offers extra floor space and if you purchase a frosted-glass panel, you’ll still have plenty of natural light while maintaining your privacy.

Utilize Baskets – Cabinet doors can really shrink a space, making an already small bathroom appear uncomfortably cramped. Try a furniture-style vanity with baskets to hold supplies under the sink. Use the small drawers to hold toiletries and cosmetics.

Glass Tiles – If you have a floating vanity, glass tiles will help to open up the space. You can also implement vibrant wallpaper to enhance the room. Elements that reflect light will have a huge impact on how large your bathroom looks.

Recessed Shelves – Building a recessed shelf between the studs in the wall allows for you to have both extra wall and floor space. This way you can use any unused space without taking up too much floor real estate in the bathroom.

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