Choosing the Right Color for Your Bathroom

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Selecting the perfect color for your bathroom can actually be a tricky process. You’ll have to consider other materials in your bathroom such as whether your fixtures and hardware is made of brass, nickel, gold or silver. Other important elements to think about are the colors of your bathroom tile and the type cabinets, etc.

Follow the Rule of Three

In order to create a beautiful color scheme, choose one neutral color, one rich color and one accent color. Now, to do this successfully, consider proportion and follow the 70/20/10 distribution. The lightest color should cover 70% of the room’s décor, second lightest for 20% and use the boldest color for 10% of the room. You may also choose to use neutral tones in combination with one another.

How to Mix Two Neutral Colors

For a bathroom that offers tranquility and serenity, you should focus on distributing two neutral colors with the 70/30 method. For example, when gray and white are paired together they make the room visually appealing without being dull.

Also, when choosing a color be sure to use it at least three times in a room. This could be exhibited as towels, sink accents or furniture pieces.

Contrast Bright Colors

If you aren’t interested in creating a tranquil bathroom, perhaps you would prefer a more energetic atmosphere. To help achieve this, use two contrasting bright colors. You then could add white into the color scheme, as the trim or the tub and sink. To keep costs down, you could always add a pop of color by using bright linens, shower curtains and towels.

Don’t Forget About Dark Tones

A majority of homeowners avoid dark colors when trying to make their bathroom look bigger. However, you can use deep tones for some added contrast especially when renovating a bathroom with white trim and fixtures. If you are uneasy about using darker hues, consider adding mirrored lamps or Venetian glass mirrors. These types of elements will help add interest and light to any room.

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